We are very grateful to our customers for taking the time to share with us some comments about their experience with iSwim 1-2-1.  Here are a few:


Since starting iSwim 1-2-1 program with Coach Larry, we have seen a significant impact to our daughter’s performance.  She has developed a stronger enthusiasm for swimming and enhanced her strokes and techniques in a very short amount of time.  In her competitive swim team practices, she has received positive feedback from coaches which in turn has increased her overall commitment to the sport.   We would highly recommend Coach Larry’s program to anyone with a swimmer that is doing well but can still benefit from learning the finer points that only a strong one on one instructor can provide. – Donald and Dawn Rush


Our daughter swims on a competitive swim team in Charlotte and gets excellent group instruction in the team setting. However, we felt a little “one on one” would be beneficial to help her refine her form, so we asked Coach Larry Lee to evaluate her technique and make recommendations for improvement.  He met with us briefly and then videotaped her swimming all of the different strokes. Next, he had her dive off the blocks and observed her streamline.  He also got in the pool with her and did some underwater videotaping, so she could see what was happening to her form from different angles as well as how her flip turns looked. He was able to give her immediate feedback and help her tweak some of her weak areas, which resulted in significant improvement on the spot. Before we left, Coach Larry talked to our daughter about what he saw and told her that he would send a video with voice over for her to watch as well as written recommendations regarding each area discussed in the video.  We received it promptly and our daughter has watched the video several times. She has found it extremely helpful and has started trying to implement the changes at practice. To reinforce Coach Larry’s instructions, we often go over his written suggestions in the car on the way to swim practice. Coach Larry suggested she pick one or two things to focus on each week and this seems to have worked well. We believe this session has helped our daughter immensely. It is so important for your child to learn the correct form in the early stages of their swim career. This can aid in preventing injuries, and as the swimmer grows stronger physically, help them add speed more easily. This was a valuable experience for our daughter. We highly recommend Coach Larry; he is a great technical coach and has a wonderful way with kids. His relaxed and calm manner put kids at ease, so they can focus on swimming. ” – Sonya and John Nowak


I like iSwim 1-2-1 because Coach Larry points out simple changes and easy to remember tips that I can practice over and over.  He reviewed those tips with me several times until I fully understood them.  I really like the video that he made me because I can keep watching it to remind me of all the things we covered in each stroke. – Lauren Rush


My daughter Lauren recently had a session with Larry Lee at ISwim121. Preparing for this one on one session involved video taping Lauren swimming each stroke. Larry then reviewed this tape prior to our personalized session to analyze her current technique. During the second part of this session, Larry shows Lauren the video of her and they discuss what he sees, what she can do to improve and helps her to get to a better, faster, smarter swim. From there she gets into the water to make changes or break habits with her strokes. This one on one session has made such a difference for her swimming. She was able to visualize where she needs to improve with help from Larry. Larry has been invaluable in helping Lauren understand what needs to be changed and why. I believe this will make a huge difference in her future with swimming. I cannot wait to see her compete in the next meet. We are thrilled about this unique program that allows her to do a one on one and not get lost in the crowd at swim practices! Looking forward to more sessions!!  – Cheryl Stiegler


This summer, my son Weston (12) took a swim tutorial with iSwim 1-2-1.  It was a great experience and an amazing learning tool for Weston.  Larry Lee is a phenomenal coach who is able communicate just what kind of tweaks need to be made to each stroke in order to improve speed and efficiency.  This valuable one on one time gave my son the information he needs to fine tune his strokes with confidence.  The underwater video footage is awesome as you are able to see exactly what can be changed and improved.  Larry is also a master with his words.  He is able to compliment while at the same time telling the child what needs to be changed up.  The finished product that Larry will send to you is something you or your child can watch over and over again.  Larry combines his expertise of stroke technique with high tech.  The side by side comparison of my son swimming butterfly vs Michael Phelps gives him the perfect picture of what he can aspire to accomplish.  Larry helps your child have attainable goals with each stroke.  We are so happy that we had a swim tutorial and look forward to Weston having continued success in the pool. – Lauri Youngblood