The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that we hope you will find helpful.  In the event that you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to Contact Us and let us know how we can help.  Thank you.

  • Do you provide references?

    Yes, references are available upon request.  Also see the Testimonials page.

  • Is the instructor bonded and insured?

    Yes, the instructor is covered for professional liability, and general liability is extended whatever facility is used for an in-person session.

  • Is this a one-time deal, or do you recommend a series of sessions?

    This can be either a one-time deal or a series of sessions – it’s completely up to the swimmer and his/her parents.  It is recommended that the swimmer wait at least 3 weeks between sessions if a series of sessions is desired, simply because it takes that long for recommendations to be implemented and worked on and real change to occur.

  • Is there a discount for signing up for multiple sessions of the 1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions?

    We recommend that a swimmer participate in at least one 1-2-1 Session before deciding whether or not multiple sessions are desired.

  • How do I send videos to you?

    Simply upload your video to Google Drive (free app available in the App Store), and then email the video links to us (larrylee999@gmail.com).

  • Do you get in the water when working with a swimmer in-person?

    Most instruction takes place while the instructor is on the pool deck and the swimmer is in the water.

  • What if the swimmer’s coach disagrees with recommendations that you make?

    Although this rarely happens, it is indeed a possibility.  In our opinion, the swimmer’s coach is always the final authority on matters of technique and skills, so we respect that relationship and defer to the coach.

  • What if my swimmer shows no improvement after the first session?

    Patience is key, especially with younger swimmers.  Changing technique can be very difficult for certain swimmers, and it takes time.  This is why we recommend that swimmers wait at least 3 weeks between 1-2-1 Sessions to allow the process of learning to take place.  Time and repetition are key elements of improving technique and skill.