1-2-1 Sessions are designed to help swimmers bring their swimming to the next level by working together on an individual basis, focusing on advanced stroke technique, as well as other race-related skills (e.g. starts, turns, finishes, etc.) and race strategies.  Swimmers are encouraged to share all videos and notes with their team coach so that everyone is kept in the loop regarding the focus areas.

To learn more about how this process works, see the three easy steps below.

Step 1 – The instructor and the swimmer (and at least one of the swimmer’s parents if swimmers is under 18) meet for a one-hour in-person instructional session, during which the swimmer receives one-to-one instruction, and video footage is taken by the instructor (both above water and underwater).

Step 2 – The instructor completes a video analysis, which includes video footage from the in-person session, voiceover instruction, visual demonstrations, and footage of elite-level swimmers demonstrating proper technique.  The video analysis is available online 24/7 through the file sharing app, and written bullet point notes are provided to help keep the adjustments top of mind.  To view an excerpt from a session, click HERE.

Step 3 – The swimmer works on establishing new habits based on the recommendations from the session. The swimmer is reminded that the session itself will not change his or her swimming; rather, it is the follow-up work during team practices where the changes take place, through repetition, trial and error, and coach feedback.

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