Race Analysis

iSwim 1-2-1 offers the Race Analysis, designed to help swimmers learn how to better manage their races during swim meets “when the heat is on.” The Race Analysis involves a zoom call with the swimmer and the swimmer’s parent(s) to review race footage (taken by parents or friends at swim meets) and discuss ways to improve such things as turns, technique, pacing, and strategies. This analysis takes the mystery out of “What happened?” during swim races, and provides the swimmer a very unique learning experience. The Race Analysis is currently available to ALL members of USA Swimming, as well as United States Masters Swimming.

To learn more about how this process works, see the three easy steps below.

Step 1 – The customer provides iSwim 1-2-1 with video footage of the swimmer competing in various races at a swim meet. Video footage of the swimmer can be easily uploaded to the free Google Drive app, and then a link can be sent to us.

Step 2 – The instructor analyzes the race footage and then meets with the swimmer via zoom to review the footage and provide helpful insights and recommendations.

Step 3 – The instructor provides a follow up report to the swimmer, focusing on the key areas to work on in practice in preparation for future meets.

The cost of the Race Analysis is $250.  For more information, please Contact Us.